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Type E - Tulip Umbrella


Type E - Tulip Umbrella


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Canopy Colour:
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Key Features:

  • Canopy Size: 4 x 4 m
  • Shade Area: 16 sqm
  • Wind Resistance: 60 km/h
  • Mast Diameter: 100 x 90 mm
  • Opening Mechanism: hand crank - winding system
  • Anchorage Options: in-ground or metal frame base
  • Canopy: acrylic 300 g/sqm
  • Accessories: protection sleeve, integrated LED & heater
  • From $10,250


Our Type E, better known as Tulip Umbrella is probably the most iconic model that we have created, which has won multiple awards for its unique design and functionality. Its flower silhouette inspired tulip-shape is not only eye-catching when the umbrella stands as an

individual or creatively arranged in groups, it gives space for free unique designs with a wide range of multiple colors and individual prints to create the desired atmosphere and can also be custom-printed.

An unlimited amount of features such as atmospheric lighting or different aroma/scent diffusers can be added to not fail to enrich both public and private events.

As if this wasn’t enough, our asthetical multi-talent is also sustainable. Rainwater flows off between the center pole and the Plexiglas and can be drained either into or above the ground.

The standard sizes up to 6 x 6 meters, scalable up to truly impressive 15 meters assure the best sun protection possible. The cover is made up of individual segments which are screwed to the frame by Sterling Steel hooks at the top, fixed by rust-proof screws at the ends of the spokes.

Additionally , the cover is replaceable and is fade, light and water resistant. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions. Once installed by our highly skilled experts, the only matter our consumers have to handle afterwards is how to open and close the umbrella. Our engineers assembled the structure to be extremely easy to handle. The handling requires a hand crank, which can be used both to open and close the Type E when needed.

The Tulip umbrella is truly an eye-catcher.

Find out how Type E compares to the rest of our standard range. For any questions, get in touch with us.
We are happy to help and make sure it is the right fit.

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