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Being an industry leader in sun shading solutions also means keeping the drive of continuous innovation and product development. In response of increasing environmental issues of our world such as rising temperatures in cities and the emergence/occurrence of e-mobility, MDT-tex is now introducing you its latest addition to the (product) family: The Solar Carport. A smart solar shelter which harvests the sun’s energy for charging electric vehicles for urban purposes.

Depending on the location and existing infrastructure, the energy generated can be supplied to the local power grid or stored in batteries. The design is based on the multi-award winning tulip shape and is now further developed to a unique energy harvesting structure which combines the long experience in innovative architecture and urban design with an environmental mission. 

The umbrella itself offers strong sun protection and on top of that has 15 poly-Si solar panels that have a total installed photovoltaic power of approximately 4 kWp. With integrated fast chargers, the solar carport can charge a new BMWi3 to 80% in about 3 hours time. The innovative construction with a central mast, serves as a generous shade provider for two cars with a span aread of 5.3m x 5.3m and withstands high wind loads due to its robust construction. 

The smart solar shelter is available in two different formats, with the symmetric mast and with an asymmetric mast. Both formats offer a wide range of accessories such as EV Charging systems to Media concepts for public areas. As the both versions are equipped with drainage pipes, rainwater goes through a filtration system and store it in a covered water tank enabling valuable water.

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